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Red rdeče zvezde, podeljen 12. decembra 1942, nosilec je major Pavel Sergejevič Bezuglov.


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AWARD CARD in revers zvezde.


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SERVICE RECORD - revers s sliko nosilca.


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Zvezda in slika nosilca.


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AWARD CITATION - predlog za odlikovanje, spisan kar na roko, pač december 1942, kavkaška fronta. Vemo kaj se je tam takrat dogajalo...


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Record card

РВ Order book No 263581

1. Last name: BEZUGLOV
2. First, middle names: Pavel Sergeevich
3. Military rank: Major
4. Sex: Male
5. Year of birth: 1906
6. Place of birth: Kiev region, Boguslavskiy district, Khikhitovo village
7. Party membership since: None-party
8. Education: incomplete secondary
9. Nationality: Ukrainian
10. In the Red Army since: 1929
11. Place of service (name of the unit) and position occupied when awarded: 361st rifle regiment, 156th rifle division of 43rd Army – battalion commander
12. Current place of service and position: Administrative department of the 51st division, punitive force of Ministry of Internal Affairs - chief of administrative unit
13. Home address of the awardee: Kharkov, 57 Volodarskogo Street
14. Record of previous awards
Names of orders, medals Their numbers Document numbers Ground for award

Order of the Red Star 1548891 Order book
263581 Order book

Order of the Red Star
152557 Temp.certif.
508673 Order to 18th Army forces No 075/N of December 12, 1942
Order of the Red Star 201526 Temp.certif.
Ж-342141 Order to 43rd Army forces No 0177 of September 21, 1944
Signature of awardee (signed) ________________________

Data correctness and signature of awardee
attested by: Head of the personnel department
Captain (signed)

February 4, 1947

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All lines to be mandatory completed

Award citation
1.First, middle and last names Bezuglov Pavel Sergeevich
2.Rank Senior Lieutenant
3. Position, unit Assistant of the battalion commander, 3rd detached rifle battalion, 10th detached rifle brigade.
Is recommended for the government award, Order of the Red Star
4.Year of birth 1907
5.Nationality Russian
6.Party membership CPSU (B) member
7.Participation in the civil war and other military actions aimed at the defense of the USSR (where and when)
Patriotic War, since August 1, 1942
8.Wounds or contusions received during the Patriotic War
9.In the Red Army since
Since 1929
10.Drafted by what district military commissariat

11.Previous awards
12.Permanent home address (of the prospective awardee or his/her family)
Armavir, Gogolevskaya St., 11a.
I. Brief description of personal feat or merits

Since the 3rd detached rifle battalion has gone into action on October 29, 1942 and up to nowadays Senior Lieutenant Bezuglov is continuously acting at the front line and controlling the attacks of the companies. His direct control of the 2nd and 3rd companies in the battalion contributed to rational attack planning, wise distribution of forces and organization of intense fire. Demonstrating his courage, Senior Lieutenant Bezuglov strongly led the companies to fortified enemy’s position on the Eastern descent 503,5 meters height, towards the settlement Kanzhan. The enemy was defeated and tried to escape in panic. Demonstrating his courage and bravery, Bezuglov lead his companies across the fortified German position, opened intensive fire and neutralized enemy’s defense. Bezuglov and his two companies entered the settlement Kanzhan from the West, occupied defensive position behind and defeated the enemy. Up to nowadays, Bezuglov is continuously demonstrating his courage and bravery, participating in fights being in command of his companies with profound knowledge of strategy and great determination.
Commander of the 3rd detached rifle battalion
Major Sulimov (signed)
II. Conclusion of the Higher Command
Awarded with the Order of Red Star
Commanding Officer of the 10th rifle brigade
Lieutenant Colonel (signed) / Lukin/
November 15, 1942
III. Conclusion of the Army Military Council
Award with the Order of Red Star
By order to the 18th Army
December 12, 1942, deputy chief of the 2nd section of personnel department
Army Commander (rank)
Member of Army Military Council (rank)
IV. Conclusion of the Front Military Council
Commanding Officer (rank)
Member of Army Military Council (rank)
V. Conclusion of the Award Commission of the People’s Commissariat of Defense
Awarded with the Order of Red Star by order to the 18th Army № 075/N of December 12, 1942

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SERVICE RECORD pravi, da je v vojski začel službovat leta 1930, sodeloval od Septembra 1942 do marca 1943 na severno-kavkaški fronti, potem do aprila 1943 na Voroneški fronti, potem na Kalinski fronti do oktobra 1943 in na 1. Baltski fronti do junija 1944, ko je bil ranjen in umaknjen iz vojske. Po vojni je delal na sovjetskem ministrstvu za notranje zadeve.